Race23 long term test

Date Published: 
Wednesday, 14th November 2012

Our tester has hammered the living daylights out of the Race23 wheelset over the last few months with a variety of pads on a variety of bikes. Click heading for pics and review.

With green Mavic Exalith or SwissStop yellow pads there was virtually no change after a couple of thousand miles - just a mere glazing of the anodising.

With standard hard compound Shimano pads, after cyclocrossing and loads of wet and dirty training, they have worn through the anodising and left an evenly worn silver surface.

The braking is smooth, precise and with excellent modulation - with whatever pads you want to use. There is plenty beef on the braking surface, one of the reasons they are so stiff. We have had no call to carry out any remedial repairs to them despite daily thrashings. These wheels will easily see a couple of years daily abuse, even in this testers arduous environment.