Road Wheels Prices

Prices are for Wheelsets (pairs) including UPS delivery UK. Add £15 for Europe (please email to confirm)

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RIMSTYLE/MODELDRILLINGHUBSACI s/s, d/b in SilverCombi Lasers Front/ ACI RearSapim CX-Ray SilverSapim CX-Ray Black
ENVE 1.25 / 1.45 / 1.65Tubular UD Matte20h/24h onlyWheelsmith 295gn/an/acallcall
Tubular UD Matte20h/24h onlyChris King R45n/an/acallcall
Gigantex38mm or 50mm20h/24h onlyWheelsmith 295gn/an/a700710
23mm wide 50mm38mm or 50mm20h/24h onlyChris King R45n/an/a10781088
AmbrosioNemesis Tubular32h or 36hAmbrosio349375453467
NemesisNemesis Tubular32h onlyRecord460486564578
Nemesis Tubular32h onlyWhite Ind T11591616694708
Nemesis Tubular32h or 36hRoyce631656734748
Nemesis Tubular32h onlyDuraAce7900577602680694
Nemesis Tubular32h onlyChris King R45781806884898
AmbrosioCrono F20 Tubular28h or 32hAmbrosio322338429443
Crono F20Crono F20 Tubular28h or 32hWheelsmith 295g375392483496
Crono F20 Tubular32h onlyRecord433449540554
Crono F20 Tubular28h or 32hWhite Ind T11563580671684
Crono F20 Tubular28h or 32hRoyce603620711724
Crono F20 Tubular28h or 32hDuraAce7900549566657670
Crono F20 Tubular28h or 32hChris King753770861874
VelocityTubular. Good CX rim24,28,32hAmbrosio292317395409
Major TomTubular. Good CX rim24,28,32hWheelsmith 295g369394473487
23mm wide tubularTubular. Good CX rim32h onlyRecord403428506520
Tubular. Good CX rim24,28,32h.White Ind T11
Tubular. Good CX rim24,28,32hRoyce503529607621
Tubular. Good CX rim28,32h onlyDuraAce7900519544623637
Tubular. Good CX rim24,28,32hChris King R45723748827841
RIMSTYLE/MODELDRILLINGHUBSACI s/s, d/b in SilverCombi Lasers Front/ ACI RearSapim CX-Ray SilverSapim CX-Ray Black
ENVE 45 or 65 ClincherClincher. UD Satin20h/24h onlyWheelsmith 295gn/an/acallcall
Clincher. UD Satin20h/24h onlyChris King R45n/an/acallcall
Gigantex50mm only20h/24h onlyWheelsmith 295gn/an/a730740
23mm wide50mm only20h/24h onlyChris King R45n/an/a11081118
GigantexAlloy brake track20h/24h onlyWheelsmith 295gn/an/a700710
50mm Carbon/AlloyAlloy brake track20h/24h onlyChris King R45n/an/a10781088
IRD AeroNiobium Alloy24, 28 or 32hAmbrosio297n/a400414
30mm deepNiobium Alloy20,24,28,32hWheelsmith 295g350n/a454468
BlackNiobium Alloy32h onlyRecord408n/a511525
Niobium Alloy20,24,28,32hWhite Ind T11507n/a611625
Niobium Alloy20,24,28,32hRoyce547n/a651665
Niobium Alloy20,24,28,32hChris King R45728n/a832846
Kinlin XR-380Alloy Clincher20 & 24 onlyWheelsmith 295gn/an/a488502
38mm deepAlloy Clincher20 & 24 onlyWhite Ind T11n/an/a645659
BlackAlloy Clincher20 & 24 onlyRoycen/an/a685699
Alloy Clincher20 & 24 onlyChris King R45n/an/a866880
Race2323mm wide alloy20,24,28,32hWheelsmith 295gn/an/a440450
Black23mm wide alloy20,24,28,32hChris King R45n/an/a830840
Race2424mm wide alloy20,24,28,32hWheelsmith 295g380470480
Black24mm wide alloy20,24,28,32hChris King R45780850860
Cross2323mm wide alloy tubeless32 / 32hWheelsmith DISC380n/a470480
23mm wide alloy tubeless32 / 32hChris King R45 Disc780n/a880890
AmbrosioExcellight Clincher28h,32h,36hAmbrosio299324402416
ExcellightExcellight Clincher32h onlyRecord410435513527
Excellight Clincher28h or 32hWhite Ind T11509535613627
Excellight Clincher28h,32h,36hRoyce549575653667
Excellight Clincher28h or 32hChris King R45730755834848
ExcellenceBlack or Silver32 or 36hExcellight - £10
EvolutionBlack or Silver32 or 36hExcellight - £15
ExcursionBlack or Silver 32h onlyExcellight - £20