Rim Brake Version:

38mm/45mm/50mm/58mm in rim brake


All TLR (Tubeless Ready) clincher design. No applied laminated brake track, just a raw carbon surface.

High temperature resilient. Highest on the market.

Very similar to ENVE in construction but without the "cheesgrater" braking surface. Same durability - they don't wear much at all over the years if pads are kept clean.

Braking is superb and we have yet to see a melted rim - despite deliberate testing on Bealach na Ba, Honister Pass, Alps, Dolomites etc.


Disc Version:

40mm and 65mm/DISC rims. TLR  (Tubeless Ready) clincher design.

28mm external. 19.5mm internal. Designed for a 25mm tyre but will integrate well with a 28mm too.


We now have 45mm TLR Disc rims for 28mm tyre integration.

29mm external, 30mm at the widest part, 22mm internal. Super aero with a 28mm tyre.

All prices are per pair and include:

Sapim CX-Ray spokes
Sapim brass nipples
Titanium skewers with rim brake versions
Full set of pads for rim brake versions
Stan's rimtape intalled for all designs

Tubeless valves included

Available with or without decals. See HERE for new decals.

Shimano free hub bodies for all hub choices are 11sp, with spacers for 8/9/10sp supplied.

Campagnolo are inherently 8/9/10/11sp compatible

Please note XD or XDR for Sram.


All these rims are now UCI approved.

Aero Carbon Road & Disc

  • Wheel weights based on current rim versions and Wheelsmith hubs. Other hub options add a few grammes only.


    Aero38 Tubular/Clincher: 1250/1450g

    Aero50 Tubular/Clincher: 1400/1490g

    Aero60 Tubular/Clincher: 1550/1590g


    Aero50 Tubeless: 1520g.


    Rider weight limits: 90kg for rim brakes, 100kg for disc.


    38mm, 50mm & 60mm Clinchers: 24mm wide. 16.75mm internal between hooks.

    38mm & 50mm Tubeless Clinchers and 38mm disc: 26mm wide. 18.75mm internal between hooks.


    These rims get no wider across their section.


    38mm, 50mm & 60mm Tubulars: 25mm wide. 27.5mm at widest part in centre section of rim.


    38mm and 50mm DISC. 26.5mm wide, no wider. 20mm internal. 420g and 460g respectively. 100kg rider weight limit.