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ENVE Foundation MTB




The AM30 is ENVE’s flagship all-carbon mountain bike wheel for its new Foundation Collection line up. The US made wheelset pays tribute to ENVE’s roots and the all-mountain durable ENVE AM30 helps bring ENVE’s industry leading expertise to even more riders.

The AM30 has a unique shape and tuned carbon laminate for gravity-orientated riding. The shape helps the AM30 balance compliance and vibration dampening for all-day comfort, with quick cornering, acceleration, and gravity-rated strength.

Patented Molded Spoke Holes maximise carbon’s ability to support loads under tension by running continuous fibres around each spoke hole. Because the spoke holes are moulded, not drilled, the continuity of the fibres create rim that is lighter without compromising strength.

Featuring ENVE’s Wide Hookless Bead technology, the AM30 disperses any impact on the trails, reducing the likelihood of pinch flats.

The AM30 rim is paired with Industry Nine’s 1/1 hub set. The hub set is a fitting pairing to the Foundation Collection given its balance of high performance and function first design. The dual phased-pawl drive mechanism and 45 tooth drive-ring means the 1/1 takes a no nonsense approach in welcoming riders to Industry Nine.

The Foundation AM30 Wheelset comes with ENVE’s leading Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year warranty. The 5 Year Warranty protects buyers from defects in material and workmanship. The Lifetime Incident Protection program protects owners from damage caused to their wheels while riding, crashing, or transporting their bikes, meaning you can ride your carbon wheels everyday without worry.

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Key Features

  • Available in 29 or 27.5
  • 20mm depth to aid energy absorption and damping
  • Inner rim width: 30mm
  • Rim weight: 470g (27”)/ 510g (29”)
  • Wheelset weights: 1745g (27”)/ 1850g (29”)
  • Asymmetric External Molded Spoke Holes. 3mm offset for more balanced spoke tension
  • Wide Hookless Bead Anti Pinch-Flat Technology to minimise pinch-flats
  • Hole count: 28/28
  • Industry Nine 1/1 hubs
  • Boost spacing. 15mm x 110mm front. 12mm x 148mm rear.
  • Sapim Race (Round Double Butted) spokes
  • External brass (black) nipples
  • Lifetime Incident Protection and 5 Year warranty
  • Handcrafted at ENVE’s HQ in Ogden, Utah, USA
  • Hand finished by Derek at Wheelsmith in Scotland!