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Terms and Conditions

A well built pair of wheels is vital to cycling enjoyment. This is why all wheels leave the workshop the way the wheelbuilder would like to ride them. We have well over 30 years experience, building wheels for professional and amateur riders and teams and have extensive knowledge of what makes a good wheel.

To ensure your fullest enjoyment, it is in your interest to read the conditions below and help yourself by becoming familiar with the terms.


We currently use Parcelforce for domestic carriage. If you notice on arrival ANY damage to the box or contents, please note this on the courier receipt and accept the package. If you do not mention anything on the receipt then it is impossible for us to claim. Please advise us of any damage by email. 

Fit For Purpose:

All Wheelsmith wheels will be fit for the specific purpose intended. They will be true, round, dished, spoke number and spoke tensions optimised to the tolerances of individual components. Respect will be given to suit your vitals statistics and riding requirements.


You have a 14day period to return any "stock" wheels (not custom built) for a full refund, providing they have not been used or show any signs of use. If they do show signs of use and are not resellable for the full price, you will be offered a part-refund.

You have 30 days to reject the wheels on the grounds they are not "fit for pupose" or if the item is "faulty".

You have 6 months to claim any warranty on parts or the construction, without incurring any costs.

Beyond the 6 month period, if you can prove any perceived defect existed at date of purchase, any claims for defective components will be processed through us and the component manufacturer or UK distributor. The terms of Consumer Protection Act 2015 apply in all cases.

If any work or postage is required to bring the wheels back to original specification, you will have to pay for this. 

Please Note: we cannot check wheel compatibilty with every frame on the market. We can provide dimensions of all available wheelsets but please note that the same terms in "Returns" above apply should you encounter any compatibility issues with your bicycle.  

"Replacement Warranty"

I you happen to have encountered accidental damage or have melted a carbon rim etc, we offer rim replacement, rebuilds and parts replacement at a discounted price for any accidental damage. This does not extend to rims or parts which have reached the end of their usuable life. 

General Warranties:

All Wheelsmith wheels have an intended and limited purpose, if they are used outside of that purpose, the wheels will not be guaranteed and we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur due to use or misuse. It is up to the user to prove that any defects after 6 months of use are manufacturing defects or a fault of the wheelbuilding itself. 6 months is a reasonable time period to use the product and uncover any hidden flaws or defects which are not visible during the build process or initial use.

Within the 30 day "fit for purpose" or "faulty" period, you should contact us as we have a right to make a repair.

Modified, misplaced, misused, melted, improperly installed or blatantly abused Wheelsmith products, including all parts thereof, are not covered by warranty.

If a wheel is compromised in any way, such as being out of true, loose nipples or improperly tensioned spokes, please do not use it. Failure to acknowledge this waives your rights to a repair, replacement or refund if something fails on subsequent rides.

It is the wheel user's responsibility to examine the wheel(s) on a regular basis to determine the need for service or replacement. Not covered under this warranty are the following:

  • Wheels that have been modified, neglected or poorly maintained.

  • Wheels that have been damaged in shipping (this is covered by the transit insurance, provided the damage is noted on receipt).

  • Wheels that have been used for racing, stunt riding or for commercial use.

  • Wheels taken beyond reasonable limits - such as beyond typical road riding gradients or road or environmental conditions.

  • Wheels improperly installed or improperly repaired.

  • Wheels ridden whilst being compromised in any way, such as out of trueness, loose nipples etc.

  • Wheels damaged by poorly functioning gears, brakes or other components.

  • Damage from causes such as a user’s lack of skill, competence or experience.

  • The finish or aesthetics of the product are not covered under this warranty.

  • Any labour costs associated with the removal, replacement or reassembly of the product.

  • Normal wear to the product. Components may have symptoms of wear in less than 6 months depending on amount of use, type of use and other conditions such as terrain, weather, rider weight and accidents etc. This includes products that have reached the end of their normal life expectancy.

  • Wheels taken beyond the limits of their design. Extended braking and excessive heat can have consequences outwith our control such as rim, glue or tyre failure.

  • Carbon wheels used with any brake pads other than the ones supplied.

​Please Note: Carbon rims have been used to great success in professional & amateur racing worldwide but like any component, they are not immune to unrestrained, over exuberant use. If you do not have expert training in braking in the high mountains and very steep gradients, consider performance coaching or avoid demanding roads altogether. Excessive braking can wear brake pads quickly and in extreme cases can break down tyres and inner tubes and damage rims. Always take spare brake pads of the correct type with you on your trip.Above all, please ride with caution at all times to preserve the integrity of the components and your own life. Only use the pads supplied with the wheels. If in doubt, call us.

Occasionally, if a component fails outwith the Warranty period and you cannot fix it or get it fixed at a local shop, you may need to return them. We will be happy to repair the damage free of charge if the conditions above have been adhered to and you can prove the work required is due to a problem with our workmanship. Again, if the component (rim or hub) fails through no fault of our own, then providing it is within the manufacturer's guarantee period, the part should be returned to the manufacturer for them to inspect and take appropriate action.

Returning your wheels for repair:

Accidents can happen and the state of our roads in the UK varies enormously - also, we build wheels for race use and the race environment can be harsh on equipment. Even more gruelling is a "daily commute". If your wheels go out of true, it may be that they simply require a true-up and it is possible we could guide you through this so you can do it yourself (a handy skill to learn) or it may be that they could be trued by your local bike shop. Please do not ride any wheels that are out of true or compromised in any way. 

If there are signs of damage by general wear and tear then we will quote for a repair.

Above all, it is crucial that returns are minimised, hence the reason Wheelsmith wheels are impeccably built with a margin for user error built-in where possible.

If you are sending wheels back for repair, please-please-please clean them up as best you can and put sufficient details of your requirements in the box otherwise they will be returned and you will be billed accordingly.

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