This is where Wheelsmith started. Building solid and reliable wheels for the Spring Classics.

While the professionals and seasoned cobble riders will go for the safety and comfort of tubulars, there is a real demand for a good quality clincher rim. There is no point in a rigid deep carbon rim or low spoke count for cobbles or rough roads unless you are riding 27mm or 28mm silk tubulars and have back-up. At amateur speeds, you will bounce about and put static load shocks through the entire bike. A rim with a little bit of "compliance" is the way to go - flex, up and down over the rough stuff without losing enough spoke tension to rattle to bits!

These wheels add a bit of sensibility to your race bike for winter or rough road riding too. They will make it feel more planted than a "weightweenie" or ultra-stiff carbon set - and with larger tyres they prove to be faster over rough roads.

These perfectly compliment a "retro" bike build too - recreating the look of old wobbly dark grey anodised rims but with added 20th Century technology.


Now available in 28h Wheelsmith Disc version. All axle widths and specs available.


We now have 2018 Campagnolo Record hubs in original Silver finish, just like they always were. Not anodised, just lightly polished.


  • Nemesis Tubular "Reine du Nord" rims are the pro choice. Keep them for Paris Roubaix or Flanders Sportives, or use them all year round as hardy training wheels. These used to win stages in all the Tours so if you are up to it, so are they.

  • The Pavé rim is a clincher rim similar to the Nemesis.

    23mm wide, shallow section. Robust and durable. Double-eyletted.

    A little bit heavier due to the hook, but you can fit and forget them - they won't let you down or keep you back.

    Pavé rim is a fine choice for riders up to 100kg

    Shimano free hub bodies for all hub choices are 11sp, with spacers for 8/9/10sp supplied.

    Campagnolo are inherently 8/9/10/11sp compatible.

    Campagnolo Record are Campagnolo compatible only.

    Spoke pattern is 2x front and 3x rear.