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We now have Princeton rims for custom disc brake builds. We are able to source the rims direct without the heat-applied branding and offer them at a much reduced rate over factory built versions. They are also drilled for nipple tool access, so you can swap spokes easily in the event of damage.

45/40 rims: 45mm deep at the nipple, 40mm deep in between. 21mm internal, 30mm external.

50/45 rims: 50mm at the nipple, 45mm in between. 21.2mm internal, 29mm external. Same 415g rims as the "Peak", slightly lighter due to nipple access holes being drilled!

These could both be used as "dual purpose" on and off road if required. They are strong enough for gravel or cyclocross use. The 45/40 are what Princeton call their "Grit" rim.

65/60 rims: 65mm at the nipples. For more experienced riders and those wishing to improve speed if they are already riding at typical "club pace". These  are 19.5mm internal, exactly half way between Corsa and Strada rim widths. 27mm  external width.

They are not available to mix depths front and rear as this has shown to have no real benefit and as the deeper rims are so slippery, why not just take advantage of the extra speed?

All rims are hooked. No rim brake version is planned. 

All prices are per pair and include:

Sapim CX-Ray spokes
Sapim brass nipples
Tubeless rimtape intalled (can be used with innertubes)

Tubeless valves included but not fitted.

Available with or without decals. See HERE for new decals.

Shimano free hub bodies for all hub choices are 11/12sp.

Campagnolo are inherently 8/9/10/11sp compatible

We have XDR for all hubs - just note your requirements at checkout.

All these rims are now UCI approved.

Both versions are laced with Sapim CX-Ray J-bend spokes and brass nipples. Compare this with  mass-market wheels using inferior Pillar or unbranded spokes which will let you down long-term. Alloy nipples might save 50g on a wheelset for catchy marketing but they end up corroded and your wheels end up needing completely rebuilt or binned. This has NEVER happened with brass nipples.