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Race 24


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The Race24 are back!

These were a hit a few years ago until the last batch of rims were so light they couldn't handle high pressures and we were forced to stop using them. Now a new rim is here and they are SOLID. Much testing over the last 6months (indoors and out!) and they haven't faltered. 

Built with Sapim CX-Rays and brass nipples for every hub option. 1495g +/- 3%

Both our in-house wheel tester and the local ex-Scottish champ and commented:

"Perfect for an upgrade over standard wheels - transforms the bike"

"Much better feel than 'superlight' clinchers. Shimano C24 feel like spaghetti in comparison."

"They've got everything I'd be looking for in a hilly race-wheel and aren't going to fall to bits."

"The wind was howling and it just blew straight through them."

"Over the years my Hunts, Halo, Profile & Roval wheels fell apart - these are gonny be bombproof."

These rims have won Scottish National Criterium Champs on Chris King hubs.

Long term review with tubeless setup:

Part 1 HERE

Part 2 HERE

Part 3 HERE

Ideal for Race & Sportive use, competing in hilly terrain or if your not typically riding in the "aero zone" (lower than 18mph for example)

Up to 85kg rider weight, spoke count is 20/24h. Other spoke counts available.

Shimano free hub bodies for all hub choices are 11sp, with spacers for 9/10sp supplied.
Campagnolo also available.

Choose these over the Race30 if you are; a lighter rider, if you are primarily interested in climbing or if weight is a priority over aero performance. Choose Race30 as the entry-level aero option for everyday allrounders.