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HOPE Freehub Bodies


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Hope Freehub body for HOPE hubs only.

Pro4 (4 Pawl)

RS4 (2 Pawl)

The freehub bodies for these hubs are interchangeable. Pro4 is 4 pawl, RS4 is 2 pawl.

Shimano is 11sp as standard. Includes spacer for 9 & 10p.
Fits all SRAM 11sp cassettes too.

Campagnolo is 11sp as standard. Use your own cassette spacer for 8, 9 & 10sp.

XD for SRAM XD 11/12sp. This is the MTB standard.

XDR for SRAM 12sp. This is Road standard. Comes in 2 pawl RS4 style but will fit Pro4 hubs.

All hubs are Alloy except for the RS4 & Pro4 Stainless Steel Shimano 11sp option.

If the freehub you require isn't listed, please add further info in the dialogue box and we'll get the right one for you.

*Please note that Shimano 11sp, Campagnolo and XD / XDR freehub bodies DO NOT come with an end cap - they are not designed as an axle size conversion. Your existing end cap will fit. If you wish to change axle size, further axle conversions are available - please email for advice. 

Microspline comes with a dedicated end cap so please specify what size axle you require.

Includes postage and packing to UK addresses.