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HOPE Freehub Bodies


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Genuine Hope Freehub body for HOPE hubs only.

Pro4 (4 Pawl)

RS4 (2 Pawl)

Pro5 (6 Pawl)

Pro4 is 4 pawl, RS4 is 2 pawl but they are interchangeable. Pro5 is unique to Pro5 hubs only.

"Shimano" is 11/12sp Road and 11sp MTB compatible for HG cassettes and Shimano pattern Sram etc. Includes spacer for 9 & 10p.

If you have 12sp MTB Cassette, then you will need Microspline.

Campagnolo is 11sp as standard. Use your own cassette spacer for 8, 9 & 10sp.

XD for Sram XD 11/12sp. This is the Sram MTB standard.

XDR for Sram 12sp. This is Sram Road standard. Comes in 2 pawl RS4 style but will fit Pro4 hubs.

All hubs are Alloy except for the Stainless Steel options.

If the freehub you require isn't listed, please add further info in the dialogue box and we'll get the right one for you.

*Please note that Shimano 11sp, Campagnolo and XD / XDR freehub bodies DO NOT come with an end cap - they are not designed as an axle size conversion. Your existing end cap will fit. If you wish to change axle size, further axle conversions are available - please email for advice. 

Microspline comes with a dedicated end cap so please specify which size axle you require.

Includes postage and packing to UK addresses.