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Fed up? Want to find your true self - with Zen-like mindful inner happiness?

There are ways to help.

But, in the meantime, why not learn to build wheels? It might work for you!

We run courses at the workshop in Glenlivet in the beautiful Cairngorms National Park, right next to the distillery  - or can travel to a location of your choice for 1-to-1 tuition or a venue for a group class.

Derek has recently hosted intensive courses in Malmö, Aberfeldy, Arran, Glasgow and even Livingston!

All tuition is based on & tailored to your level of competence or expectations.

For example, if your bog-standard wheels keep going out of true, a one-day course on the basic understanding and mechanics of wheel building will sort you and your wheels out. If possible, you can relace your wheel with new spokes while you are here.

Perhaps you have a Cytech Level2 Assessment coming up and you want to get through it with the minimum of fuss? We have a 2 day intensive course teaching fast techniques for lacing and completion for anything they might throw at you. And they have been known to throw some real stinkers at students before!

If you want to take it further and learn just about everything there is to know about "Wheel building", we offer 5 day or 10 day packages which give you enough time to get a good feel for things and become confident to build you own. Why not do that on the last day - build a pair of wheels of your choice - just pay trade prices + VAT for the components?

We are currently renovating a bothy for accomodation. However, there is plenty accommodation nearby in Glenlivet. Aberlour,  Dufftown, Keith and Elgin aren't far for a daily commute and are in the heart of Speyside whisky country to enjoy while you are here.

You can purchase the package you require outright and then we can organise dates to suit you.

We are very flexible on days and times.